Lake Como Tourism is a tourism promotion company in the territory of Lake Como, located in Cavour street, in the heart of the town of Lecco.


The company was founded in 2011 by the passion of three entrepreneurs for their country of residence, Lecco, with the common desire to enhance it and make it known to all. Initially the company takes the name of “InformaLecco“, a portal that deals with tourism, with insights on routes, routes and events that the Lecco’s territory offers, and of commercial scope, with a channel of visibility for the various activities in the sector.
In carrying out its initiatives, the Company places the needs of citizens, tourists and businesses at the center of attention, offering increasingly complete and personalized services every day and showcases on which they can promote.
Subsequently, in 2017, the company became “Lake Como Tourism”, expanding its range of interest, no longer dealing only with the province of Lecco but the entire territory of Lake Como, managing to reach a wider target.


Our portal “” is the online tourist guide of Lake Como and its surroundings. It contains numerous interesting contents for tourists and citizens: thematic tours, news and insights on the main attractions of the area, routes and excursions, museums, useful numbers and information on how to take a sport on the lake.
A section is dedicated to events, organized and promoted by our company, and to our magazine “Travel and Style” which offers weekly articles on news and on the curiosity of local activities. Another part of the portal is a commercial showcase, dedicated to accommodation facilities, restaurants and the best local boutiques.
Lake Como Tourism is simple and intuitive, for everyone, it offers always updated contents and allows the visitor interaction through comments and reviews.
From this spring our office located in the heart of the city of Lecco, a few steps from the train station, will open to the public, becoming the reference point for tourists who need useful information and advice to get to know and explore the territory.
Will be made available maps and numerous brochures of the activities of the place and you can buy handmade souvenirs and exclusive products “Made in Lake Como“.


Our mission is the enhancement of our territory, through information and the development of initiatives that can contribute to the promotion of the tourist system of Lake Como, in full respect of the values of this place, people and the environment.
Those who choose to collaborate with us have the goal of improving the relationship between tourist demand and supply, offering a fundamental information service for tourists and citizens and making the territory increasingly attractive through the creation of interesting events and initiatives.

Lake Como Tourism

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