Eating, it is incorporating a territory. (Jean Brunhes)

The Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity, abundance in taste and seasoning, it is also considered the most popular in the world, with international influences. The main feature is its extreme simplicity, with many dishes composed of 4 up to 8 ingredients. The dishes and recipes have often been created by the grandmothers and that is why many recipes are suitable for home cooking.

The craftsmanship of the chefs and the genuineness of the used products are the pride of the many places on Lake Como, whose main characteristic is the link with the territory and respect for tradition. The enveloping atmosphere, courtesy, impeccable service and an extensive wine cellar make Lake Como the ideal place to indulge in a gastronomic experience. The area with the highest concentration of restaurants and pizzerias is that of the old town, in the outskirts it is easier to find farms and inns where you can taste delicious, tasty and sometimes even spectacular.

Cornetto and cappuccino, coffee and brioches, are the prototype of breakfast at the bar, a small moment of morning pleasure that can be enjoyed comfortably throughout Lake Como. To warm up in the cold and damp afternoons, it is possible to sip hot tea or chocolate with cream in the bars and patisseries that have special rooms to pamper the palate of those who enter. There is no lack, for the sweet tooth, artisan ice cream and delicious creperie.

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