If you love water and sports, Lake Como is the right place to practice countless sporting activities.

First of all rowing, which saw world champions born in our territory. It is possible to practice it all along the lake thanks to numerous rowing clubs that rent equipment.

In addition to canoes, you can rent surfboards to practice the SUP, the so-called standing surf with oar, a relaxing activity that will allow you to slide on the water and explore beautiful beaches. Adrenaline lovers can instead practice water skiing or wakeboarding (on board) pulled by boats. Moving  in the mountains, in the province of Como, for the more adventurous it is possible to practice Canyoning along the rivers and streams, assisted by expert guides.

In the High Lario and in the initial basin of the lake, thanks to the constant wind, you can have fun tame the waves with Kitesurf, board tied to the kite, sailing, windsurfing, board with a sail, or surfing.

The many centers and schools in the various countries of the lake organize courses and competitions at all levels. To satisfy even the most adventurous, especially in the Bellagio and Onno area, there are specialized centers that organize single and group scuba diving.

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