Walking on the most beautiful panoramic terrace of Comasche prealps: from Pigra to Blessagno alp

An ideal excursion for families with children.

Pigra is a small village in the Lario Intelvese Mountain Community located at 881m above sea level, and it is easily accessible thanks to the cable car which starts from Argegno, a small village on the western shore of Lake Como.

The cable car route is definitely an experience not to be missed for you and your children: you will depart from the lake and arrive in the mountains in just 5 minutes (it is one of the steepest cable cars in Italy!) To find out more info at this link.

Once you take the cable car and arrive in Pigra you are ready to start the adventure. Your trip starts right here, discovering this small mountain village that is definitely worth a short visit!

First of all follow the trail named “Pigra da Scoprire (marked in red). Continuing along the path you will arrive in the heart of the village, passing by the beautiful Unione and Libertà squares. You will immediately notice that walking through the streets of this village means being catapulted back in time passing through eighteenth-century buildings, cobbled streets and old stone buildings. If you are curious to find out a bit more about the history of this small village there are also numerous information panels useful to guide you to its discovery.

While walking in Pigra’s alleys you can also take advantage to buy some snacks for your children before leaving for the alp, because you know, the mountain air always stimulates the appetite

After wandering far and wide inside the village take the path number 4 that will lead you to the famous Belvedere of Pigra in about ten minutes (trust me, you can not miss it!).

This short 600-metre route offers a magnificent view of the Val d’Intelvi, the Como branch, Mount San Primo, the central lake (Bellagio, Varenna, Punta Balbianello, Isola Comacina), up to the Grigne, the Pizzo dei Tre Signori and Mount Legnone. A photo here is really a must!

Great, now you are ready to start the real walk!

From Pigra to the Alp

Leave the asphalt road and continue along the mule track towards Alpe di Blessagno, following path number 8. Do not be afraid, it is an easy path that crosses chestnut and beech woods… ideal to travel in autumn (but suitable for all seasons)!

Along the way, the splendid panorama of Lake Como from the top of the mountain will frame you, along with the green pastures and the enchanting valley of Intelvi.

In a hour you will reach the farm Le Radici, which is located right in the center of the mountain pasture. Once you reach the farm you have arrived at the destination!

You will immediately notice how this place enjoys an excellent view of the surrounding mountains including Generoso mountain and the distant Rosa mountain… a real natural spectacle.

Standing in the middle of an immense grassy expanse, the mountain pasture gives a great sense of peace and freedom… Here the silence is total and the eyes and mind can recharge with the beautiful images that nature offers.

Now surely your belly will start to grumble… If you decide to stop for lunch at the farm take the opportunity to let your children play in the garden which surrounds it and to make them visit the animals that graze in the fences all around (they will love to caress and feed llamas, donkeys and tender cows). Alternatively, opting for a picnic lying on the grass is always a great idea!

If now that you are full and rested you want to go back home but before setting off you would like to entertain your little explorers a bit more, think that they will definitely love to play hide-and-seek in the picturesque larch grove on the edge of the mountain pasture!

Finally some useful tips before leaving for the adventure:
  • This hike is not suitable for strollers; it is much better to use an ergonomic pouch or a baby carrier trekking backpack.
  • Do not forget to wear comfortable clothing, possibly technical and especially hiking boots to avoid sprains.
  • To motivate your children during the journey you can involve them in choosing the paths to follow by making them recognize the signs and encouraging them to look around: in this way they will not only learn to overcome difficulties and understand their limits and skills, but also to respect nature that surrounds them.

Ready? Go! The adventure begins 

Da Pigra all alpe di Blessagno

Da Pigra all alpe di Blessagno

Written by Chiara Tisat

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