Flips on the grassy meadows and some cuddles to the alpine pasture goats: Trip to Alpe di Lemna

A great idea for a day of total freedom and fun with the family a stone’s throw from Lake Como.

The Alpe di Lemna is located on the Comasco branch of Lake Como. This walk of about an hour is suitable for everyone: adults, children and disconcerting friends! The path is in fact marked as simple and is easily accessible even by children. The excursion will make you be enchanted by the green and unspoilt landscape but above all by the constant and relaxing contact with nature that will accompany you throughout the entire journey.

During the trip you can indulge in telling children the stories of the woods, you can let them learn to observe the wild flora and to listen to the sound of streams.

At the end there will be a large green and quiet lawn where everyone can find a tree under which to rest and recharge energies… Relaxation assured!

How to get to the alp?

The trip starts from the small village of Lemna, hamlet of Faggeto Lario. Once you arrive in the village you can leave your car in the church‘s square or, if you do not find a place, along the road. After having put your backpacks and hiking boots you are ready for the excursion: after the restaurant San Giorgio you will take a cobblestone road uphill, from which the actual route begins (follow the blue arrows).

…Before starting to hike, however, enjoy the first surprise: on your right a wonderful view of Lake Como awaits you!

Now you can finally get on your way! The trail alternates steeper sections with moments of floor in which you can rest your legs. Don’t worry, overall it is quite easy because it is a mule track that can also be used by jeeps.

After crossing the narrow and characteristic peasant villages, the route winds through the woods. You should know that the itinerary is practically all in the shade, so it is really pleasant even on the hottest and sultry days! While walking among the beeches you can also make your children listen to the song of the birds in the background.

If you need to make a stop along the path here are some ideas (especially to entertain the little ones): say hello and have a chat with old shepherds of the village, rest and munch a quick snack sitting on a log, Fill your water bottle at the two fountains that you will meet crossing the village or still stop to admire the view of the lake and take some photos!

Just before arrival you will find a beautiful view of the lake below and towards the lake center.

The magic that you will already begin to perceive and that pervades the forest will be unleashed once you get to the alp: now you’re almost there!

Green pastures await you, dominated by an enchanting and uncontested peace and protected by the surrounding mountains… a real show for the eyes and the spirit!

Two minutes of descent and you will find the Agriturismo Alpe di Lemna, a wooden hut with many colorful flowers, you have to enjoy a lunch with bows while savoring typical mountain dishes. Here you can also buy delicious cheeses and goat meats. Also know that your dogs are always welcome!

A great alternative to lunch on a farm is to enjoy a picnic on the plain that opens once you arrive at the Alpe (some huge secular trees will provide you with a wide and pleasant shade under which to lay your blanket).

The little ones will love this place madly, where they can run freely with their faithful four-legged companions, jump, play, do somersaults!

Outside the farm there are also many animals, especially goats and horses, who roam free and undisturbed and can not wait to receive some pampering! After a nice nap under the foliage of the trees you can take advantage of this moment of tenderness that will entertain your children in the afternoon.

Doesn’t this look like a famous cartoon? Your children will surely guess: do you remember Heidi, the little girl who runs barefoot through the green expanses of the Alps and who loves her nice goats so much? The context will be just the same! 😉

For the more exuberant children it is also possible to continue the excursion walking and exploring the nature in the surrounding areas of the alp.

Some Useful Tips:
  • Also this excursion is not suitable for strollers, much better an ergonomic pouch or the backpack trekking baby carrier.
  • The trip is well suited to be done in summer, but do not underestimate even the autumn season: children will enjoy picking chestnuts and the landscape colored red and orange will be even more magical.
  • If you are short of ideas to entertain your children consider bringing with you a drawing album and pastels to draw the landscape that surrounds them or the cute animals of the farm.

What else are you waiting for? Enjoy your trip! 

Written by Chiara Tisat

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