Trekking on San Primo Mountain

Trekking sul monte San Primo

How to spend a green day with exceptional views of Lake Como!

Mount San Primo is located in a very unique place: with its 1,682 meters it stands in fact at the exact point where the two branches of Lake Como meet so that it seems that they converge in a big embrace. Needless to say, from up here the view will definitely leave you breathless!

This is also the ideal place for those who are looking for outdoor emotions and is certainly an inspiration for lovers of photography.

There are many trails that lead to the top of the mountain: in this article we focus on the two main and best known routes, that is the one that starts from Pian Rancio (slightly steeper) and the one that starts from the Colma di Sormano. Do not worry, even if you are not experienced hikers in both cases it is a walk of about two and a half hours feasible even for those less trained. In addition, this excursion will give you many wonderful views of the romantic Lake Como!

If you love the views and walks in nature you just have to prepare some comfortable clothes, a backpack with some provisions and the leash of your four-legged friends (that will surely have a lot of fun!) because you will soon discover how to reach the top of this mountain.

The itinerary

If you decide to leave from Pian Rancio you must first reach by car the town of San Primo and go up on the left: after a hundred meters you will find a large parking where you can leave your car. Starting from the car park you have to follow the pedestrian street n. 1 with indications Terrabiotta/ Monte San Primo.

From here keep left and start to walk the flat path that penetrates the vegetation. After passing some houses you will notice that the path becomes a cemented mule track and then resume as a path characterized by slight slopes.

Continuing, after meeting some abandoned farmhouses and huts, you will face a series of hairpin bends until you meet the path of the Larian Ridge indicated with the marker number 1.
Walking a little further you will reach the ridge of Terrabiotta, where the route joins the one that starts from the ridge of Sormano.

In the second case, starting right from the ridge of Sormano, you will encounter a small astronomical observatory where there are multiple parking fees or time disc.

Once parked the car go down for a few meters to the restaurant of the ridge where you will meet the arrival of the famous “Wall of Sormano” (famous for being the arrival of one of the most coveted bike climbs): on its left part the path that leads to Mount San Primo.

After you start the walk will wind on a terrain that alternates stretches on the path at short times cemented always immersed in beech and birch woods.

After about an hour you will reach the Bocchetta della Sessola and here the panorama already begins to become imposing and majestic with the Grignone, the Resegone and the Corni di Canzo in front of you.

Once you get out of the forest, you will find some hairpin bends that will take you to the Terrabiotta Alp in no time.

Step by step you will notice that along the route you will have the pleasure of walking accompanied by the nice sound of the cowbells of the grazing animals.

Arrived at the alp (no matter which of the two trails) you are more than half way and you have also passed the most challenging part of the route, well done!

Before continuing you should know that here a break is a must to enjoy the view that ranges from one side to the Alps and the other on the plain… what a show!

Now a good news: from now on the path will be extremely simple, characterized only by slight slopes.

The last efforts and you have now reached the summit! Here the cross awaits you for a selfie with the lake behind you. After resting, admire even better the scenery that surrounds you: on the clearest days from its top you can see on one side the heart of Brianza, while on the other the highest peaks and snowy Valtellina.

What’s more, as in an aerial view, from up here the two different branches of Como and Lecco will appear before you as in an embrace and then continue united until the mouth of the Adda in Colico. … But this isn’t over! The summit offers a 360 º view over the surrounding landscape, just look towards the Swiss mountains to see behind you the snow-capped peaks of Valle D’Aosta including Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. On the opposite side you can admire the wonderful mountain range of Valsassina.

Some useful tips before leaving for the adventure:

  • Bring a good supply of water (but not food) because along the way there are no shelters or springs from which to drink and in summer you will face almost the entire path under the scorching sun.
  • Do not forget to wear comfortable clothing, possibly technical and especially hiking boots to avoid sprains.
  • If after the hike you need a cuddle you can stop at the Rifugio Martina (which you find along the road going up from Pian Rancio, or you can reach from the summit in about 40 minutes if you come from the Colma di Sormano) Here you will be delighted by delicious homemade cakes!
…Backpack, let’s go! 

Written by Chiara Tisat

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