Talking about hamlets of Lake Como means evoking not only names, but rather a world, an atmosphere, a unique charm. A microcosm made of palaces, Villas of the Renaissance lords and medieval bell towers. An identity that, for many travelers, is still today the most authentic expression of Italianism.

A lot of books and films are set in this extraordinary setting. The beauty of the landscape and the buildings create an ideal stage for any story. Join us for a tours to discover the culture, the history, the flavours and habits of Lake Como.

Lake Como knows how to keep its secret corners, flush with water or at high altitude. Places accessible from the villages of the lake with impervious climbs for ancient churches. Lonely and isolated beaches that give an intimate atmosphere; quiet corners animated only by a constant breeze.

Lake Como represents a lifestyle. Here you meet the paths of the ancient pilgrims. The rhythms are slow, sometimes lazy, and the relationship with nature is stronger than ever. We are here, where the Middle Age seems the present and each alley represents a new discovery, a glimpse, a state of mind.

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