The Triathlon Sprint No Draft in Valmadrera

The Triathlon Sprint No Draft in Valmadrera, scheduled for sunday 6 september, will be the first major post Covid-19 sporting event on the Lario. Three specialties in one, starting with swimming to continue cycling and close on foot. The event is organized by  Spartacus Events of the president Renzo Straniero, who in recent months had to give up and cancel one after the other all the events that for several years have characterized the sports summer on Lake Como.

triathlonDeparture at 11 a.m. from Parè. The athletes will dive into the lake to complete 750 meters swimming, followed by the second 20 kilometer cycling fraction, to then fund the last energies in the final 5 kilometers on foot to the finish. All following scrupulously the specific protocol developed by Fitri, the Italian Triathlon Federation. In this sense no fans presence and the athletes at the start can be a maximum of 300, with staggered departures in groups of 50 in which each athlete will start 10 seconds before the next and always keeping a meter and a half away from it before to enter the water.

The cycling fraction will take place with a “no draft” formula, that is, the competitors will not be able to take advantage of the trail of those who precede them, while in the running fraction they will have to keep between themselves and the others a meter and a half away. But that’s not enough. Spartacus Events will require additional organizational efforts. In fact, special cordoned areas for athletes, companions and technicians must be set up, with the formation of cordoned corridors for the flows of athletes entering and leaving the exchange area between the different parts of the race. Delimitations also for the start and finish areas, staff equipped with a mask and gloves, secretary with respect for social distance, athletes with a mask until the start and who will be provided with a new mask on arrival.

The desire to return to sports in the frame of the Lario is a lot and even some internationally renowned athletes have already given their adhesion to the race. Among these Andrea Secchiero of the G.S.Fiamme Oro, one of the most popular Italian triathletes with excellent results worldwide in the aquathlon specialty. Finally, we remember that in the last edition the victory went to Nicolò Fontana (Valdigne Triathlon) in the men’s field, completing the course in 58.19, and to Tania Molinari (Piacenza TriVittorino) in the women’s field with the performance of 1:06.33.

Triathlon Sprint No Draft Valmadrera – Lake Como Tourism

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