The Reseg-up trail

It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating routes on Mount Resegone, both for its historicity and for the beauty of the panoramas it allows us to admire.

We are talking about Sentiero 1, which starts from the square of the Piani d’Erna cableway and leads you directly to the top of the famous mountain. Thanks to its features, it has become in the last ten years the theater of ResegUp, the skyrace that first saturday of june draws more than thousand athletes from all over the world to the Manzonian city, ready to challenge each other to conquer the final victory.

The event, conceived by a group of friends gathered in the sports association called 2Slow, was held for the first time in 2010 with a number of competitors that slightly exceeded 300 units. Year by year, the event has attracted the most important international skyrunners and organizers have gradually raise the maximum registration limit to reach 1200. The race takes place on a total distance of 24 kilometers with 1800 meters in altitude. The start has been moved to the different editions from the Lungolago to the central Piazza Cermenati, where is fixed the finish line and where all competitors, from first to last, are welcomed between two wings of enthusiastic crowds.

As said at the beginning, the great protagonist of the event is Sentiero 1, so let’s discover it together. When you reach the square of the cableway, in the locality of Malnago and at an altitude of 610 meters, you have to turn to the right. After a downhill stretch you reach the paved road that climbs from Versasio. Once you reach the shaft, you have to go up into the woods keeping to the left until you reach the characteristic village of Costa (786 m), where is located the Cappella della Madonna del Resegone. After 45 minutes you arrive at the Rifugio Stoppani (890 m) and then continue to climb, also overcoming the Bione stream. After crossing Sentiero 5, you reach an altitude of 1320 meters in Beduletta, a natural balcony that offers a splendid panoramic view of Lecco. Once in Pian Serrata you can now look forward to the arrival at the summit, reachable after passing a section equipped with ropes to overcome the Canalone di Valnegra. The last part of the path is characterized by rocks and you will find the Sentiero 11, along which you will soon reach the Rifugio Azzoni, just below the top of the Resegone at an altitude of 1875 meters.

On foot as an excursion for pleasure or running as a training for ResegUp, the Sentiero 1 will give to all mountain lovers some unique emotions.

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