The Path of Expressions: Walking in the woods among funny faces, good giants and smiling faces!

A relaxing, fun and suitable for everyone itinerary with an amazing view on Lake Como. The ideal day to spend some time outdoors with your children!

What is it?

If you want to organize a trip which is suitable for the whole family on Lake Como, the Path of Expressions will definitely fits you. This path was born within a project in which art, environment and tourism merge to create something new. The protagonists are the artists of the M.A.S.C.H.E.R.A Association who, together with the town of Schignano, have created the sculptures arranged along the way.

The expression trail offers the opportunity to take a pleasant walk through birch forests and green grassy pastures, which extend almost entirely under the branches of the trees in the company of curious creatures that the skilled carvers have recreated in the bark of the trees of the forest.

As you walk you will meet several people from the rural mountain world, legendary animals of the Alps but also fairies and elves! The trunks of the trees will accompany you along the way transmitting feelings of joy and surprise, wisdom or fatherhood, it will be up to you but especially to your children to see them and guess the expression of these nice works and give them a story (do you remember grandmother willow, from Pocahontas Disney cartoon? Yes, they are just like her!)

The walk lasts about 3 hours: it is a fairly long walk, but your children will like it a lot and will certainly get less tired if engaged in the search for magical creatures, especially if those who will guess more expressions will be entitled to a prize 😉 Even your four-legged friends will be thrilled, wagging and sniffing here and there among the leaves, free to wander among the trees.

Starting from Alpe Comana, statue after staue, expression after expression, at a certain point you will arrive at the farm “la Pratolina” where you can stop to eat, to drink a coffee or to enjoy a beer in the middle of nature. Another no less pleasant and funny idea is to bring a blanket and packed lunch; your children will definitely love to lie in the meadow and maybe even take a little nap with a full belly, listening to the sound of cowbells grazing cows.

After lunch, returning to the route, you will be able to cross the famous and nice “passage to the infinite”, the most particular and fun of the works present along the entire route. A photo here is a must!

Continuing you will then arrive at Monte Comana, where you will find a Belvedere from which to admire Lake Como in all its beauty and where you can take beautiful photos with the main peaks of the pre-alps in the background (Grigna, Resegone, Monte San Primo, Pizzo Tre Signori, Corni di Canzo). Take the opportunity to catch your breath and relax your mind and body while enjoying the view! You have reached the end of the first part of the path! From here you can decide whether to go back or continue along the youngest part of the route, where you will find fresh carvings, since the route is updated and enriched with new works every year.

Where is it?
Where is it?

The path is located in Valle Intelvi, not far from Lake Como, although less known. If you want to escape from mass tourism, spend a day of stillness and live a green experience this itinerary is definitely for you! You will be completely immersed in nature, accompanied by the chirping of birds.

To find out more and understand how to reach the trail you can visit the official website 

Some useful tips before leaving:

  • In summer you can meet a lot of horseflies, so it is advisable to bring a stick for bites
  • This path is not practicable with strollers, if your children are very young it is better to bring an ergonomic pouch or a trekking backpack- baby carrier
  • Even on a hot and sunny day it is advisable to wear a sweatshirt because in the thickest parts of the forest the temperature is cooler
Have a nice walk!

…And don’t forget to take your waste with you, nature will thank you. 😉

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