The Lario circuit celebrates 100 years!

Saturday 29 May will be an important date for all Larian motorcyclists.

On that day the 100th anniversary of the Circuito del Lario will be celebrated, a very popular motorcycle competition held for fifteen editions between 1921 and 1939, skipping those of ’32, ’33, ’36 and ’37 due to economic problems. the first edition was held on May 29, 1921, on a 36.5 kilometer circuit to be covered six times through the towns of Asso, Valbrona, Onno, Vassena, Limonta, Bellagio, Guello, Civenna, Magreglio, Barni and Lasnigo, for a total of 220 km. The route included more than 300 curves and 550 meters of difference in height, with the highest point at 754 meters of the Madonna del Ghisallo.

In the first edition there were four categories of motorcycles competing divided by displacement: up to 350, up to 500, up to 750 and up to 1000 cm³. The winner was Amedeo Ruggeri on a Harley Davidson, capable of repeating himself in the 1925 edition. After him only Pietro Ghersi, Tazio Nuvolari and Dorino Serafini managed to win twice. Over the years, the competition assumed an ever-increasing importance, both to transform itself into a real worldly event with a lot of beauty contest connected to it and the participation as guests of the most important political figures of the time.

Since 2003, the Triangolo Lariano Committee has been committed to organizing an annual historical re-enactment of the Circuit and on the occasion of the centenary it will be the Moto Club Asso to take on the role of protagonist to celebrate the anniversary in the best possible way. «This emergency situation does not diminish the passion for motorcycles and social activity. The management of the Moto Club is however industrious and inventive – explains the president Enrico Corti – and on the important occasion makes itself available to accompany groups of bikers and Moto Clubs on the famous route to visit and learn about the places, monuments and champions of the epoch».

For this purpose, the ace Moto Club has created a brochure to be delivered to participants with information partly taken from the book “Pistone Hearts” by Gianmarco Maspes, dedicated to the epic of the Circuito del Lario, and historical photos from the Foto Paredi archive. Among the many monuments on the itinerary, the CONI Trophy Monument stands out, erected on the Lasnigo straight road where the finish line of the first editions was.

The sculpture was the prize for the overall and category winner and depicts a discus thrower athlete who throws a motorcycle wheel with piston into the world, a symbol of motorcycling passion. «We have also dedicated a Facebook page to the Monument of the Circuito del Lario – explains the secretary of the ace Moto Club, Rinaldo Batelli – with the aim of involving passionate motorcyclists and Moto Clubs to give their contribution by enriching it with photos, videos, texts and promoting future events, as well as the fantastic tourist and naturalistic itineraries of the area, allowing visitors to learn about motorcycle anecdotes and the history of the Monument».

Claudio Zubani

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