The Campionato Velico del Lario

Five stages make up the Campionato Velico del Lario, one of the most popular events in the Larian area for water sports.

To tell us about its origins and its characteristics is Enea Beretta, referent of the Flotta del Lario, racer and regatta officer.

The first edition took place in 2014, but we had already had the idea of ​​setting up a similar event for a couple of years. We have never decided to set up a real association that takes care of organizing the championship because we believe that there are already too many. The individual stages are managed by the different clubs that host them. This then referring to a general organizing committee. This year, after the problems linked to the pandemic, the Federation has decided to give priority to youth events, so the competitions reserved for adults have moved a bit compared to the normal calendar.

The first stage of the Campionato Velico del Lario was thus scheduled for the weekend of Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September in Colico. Two weeks later the appointment will be in Domaso. On Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November the third stage will be held in Lecco, in conjunction with the Interlaghi Trophy. Finally, the last two tests that will complete the calendar will both be in Moltrasio in the last two weekends of November and will coincide with the Moltrasio Winter Championship.

In the first edition of 2014 we had 20 boats registered, this year there are 53. – Explains Beretta – This increase shows that the formula is liked and that thanks to this event all the territories involved can take advantage of it in two days of competitions. 90% of the boats come from our lake, but there are also some that come from outside. Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting leading figures in our sport and this has allowed everyone to improve their skills, as well as increase the visibility of the championship.

The competition formula is also particular:

The nice thing is that any type of boat can participate, in fact the Federation has set up a particular handicap system which, based on the physicality of the boat, certifies the type and relative points in less to consider when drawing up the final ranking, so as to put everyone in the same conditions. In practice, it is not certain that the boat that arrives first at the finish line wins, but once they have all arrived, their respective times are considered and using a formula that takes into consideration the various certified handicaps, the final classification is drawn up.

explains Beretta.

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