Snowshoeing on Monte Coltignone

A day with snowshoes on your feet with a view of Lake Como

What to do with your children on a sunny day after a nice snowfall? The answer is: a snowshoe hike, surrounded by nature!

You should know that Lake Como in winter does not cease to amaze. Imagine gentle white slopes, small illuminated villages that seem to be part of a crib, enchanted landscapes and of course breathtaking views: emotions that will warm your heart and that will entertain a world your children.

There are several trails suitable for excursions on the snow on Lake Como and definitely the snowshoes, or snowshoes, are ideal to immerse yourself in the silence of the woods and enjoy the intact charm of nature submerged by fluffy snowflakes.

Easy to use, they are a valid and excellent alternative for those who are not able to ski and moreover it is an instrument that does not cause virtually no impact on the environment that surrounds us. In this article we discover an easy and suitable path for the whole family (the path is almost totally flat!) to live a carefree day on the snow with your children (and four-legged friends)!

The excursion: from Piani Resinelli to Monte Coltignone

The Resinelli Plans are located in Valsassina (one of the easiest mountain places to reach starting from Milan).

Placed on the Lombard Pre-alps, they are set on a large saddle at the foot of the Grigne Group and extend over the municipalities of Abbadia Lariana, Mandello del Lario, Ballabio and Lecco. From their privileged position you can enjoy an incomparable view that ranges from the Rhaetian Alps to Monte Rosa, overlooking the plain below, Lake Lecco and the basins of Alta Brianza. Often covering themselves with snow in the winter months are therefore a valid destination to enjoy fantastic walks (and to do long battles with snowballs!).

Before leaving you can observe the weather conditions of the plateau thanks to the webcam at the beginning of the route (available at this link à Home Page – Piani Resinelli (

The path that leads to the top of Mount Coltignone starts from Via degli Escursionisti: park near the skyscraper; a few minutes of slight climb and you will arrive at the entrance of the Valentino park. Here begins your walk! Continuing for a short time along the mule track you will reach Casa Museo Villa Gerosa, where you can discover the nature and history of the group of Grigne (attention, the museum is closed in winter!). While snowshoeing you enjoy the landscape that surrounds you: the whiteness of the snow lying on the beech and ash trees that run along the path will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

At a certain point you will reach a viewpoint. Prepare your camera, because the view is nothing short of gorgeous! Take a few minutes to admire the Briantei lakes, the Corni di Canzo, the Brianza following the flow of the river Adda to the south and up to the Alps to the north.

The Belvedere is also great point to stop for a snack while enjoying the view! If you brought with you a thermos with hot tea or chocolate this is the time to pull it out

After getting warmed up and refreshed you are ready to start the slightly more challenging section of the hike, slightly uphill. Continue following the path and keeping right at the crossroads (do not worry, you will still find information panels that will show you the route). Just a short stretch and you have reached your goal. Follow the wooden handrail that runs along the path, just a few more efforts and you will see the peak! Once you arrive you will immediately notice that the view of the beautiful Lake Como, Valsassina and Lecco is remarkable!

On the way back, you can either make the outward journey or keep to the left: in this way you will complete a loop that will take you back to the starting point.

Some Useful Tips
Near the route there are no shops where you can rent snowshoes, so you must already be equipped
Consider the idea of bringing with you some crampons, they will help you in case some stretches of path should be frozen
If you are afraid of not being trained enough do not worry, it is a walk not binding, child-friendly and suitable for those who do not often go to the mountains (the total duration is about an hour)
Take the sled with you!On the Resinelli floors there is a large meadow that is particularly suitable to do crazy on the snow with your children!

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