Scigamatt”, a curious name for a crazy event, or as the organizers point out, the “craziest race there is!”

Born in 2010 as part of the initiatives related to the Scigalott d’Or, the traditional recurrence of the Lecco district of Acquate, the Scigamatt has become year by year one of the most desired races among practitioners of the mud run, or the race between obstacles of all kinds, natural and otherwise. A discipline that in the last decade has spread throughout Italy, so much so that in 2017 it also constituted a real Italian Championship that could not end up making a stop at Scigamatt and which allows the best athletes to qualify to the European one.

The 11th edition of Scigamatt was supposed to take place on the afternoon of Saturday 12 September, but the organizing committee decided well in advance to cancel the event due to the pandemic.

But let’s find out what are the peculiarities of Scigamatt.

The goliardic spirit is the main attraction, in fact the amateur competitors, coming from all over Italy but also from abroad, participate by masking themselves in the most bizarre ways possible and it is their imagination and creative ability that are the main attractions for the thousands of people who are distributed along the route to attend a real show. From individual to group disguises, color and fun have driven the event since its first edition. This in collaboration with the obstacles that the competitors are forced to overcome to reach the finish line, located in the Don Abbondio churchyard in front of the church of Acquate, thus being able to use the oratory as a post-race logistic center.

Difficult obstacles to overcome for athletes participating in the competitive race, even more so for fans masked with very bulky costumes!

The start of the route has been stably placed in recent editions in Piazza Garibaldi, in the city center of Lecco, with the hundreds of competitors divided into several batteries ready to face the distance of 13 kilometers or the reduced one of 7 km. After the start, the race towards over 30 obstacles begins, with rivers to cross, straw walls, tires, metal nets, human obstacles, foam and much more, to guarantee maximum fun for all participants.

Also for Scigamatt, as for almost all the other events of the Lecco summer, the appointment is postponed to 2021, with the certainty that the imaginative organizers will be able to invent an edition even more unforgettable than the previous to the delight of all the “scigamatti”!

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