Sci Club Lecco in the national elite

L’inverno, si sa, è tempo di sci e tra le società più storiche e vincenti del territorio lariano c’è senza dubbio lo Sci Club Lecco del presidente Arturo Montanelli.

Winter, as we know, is the time to ski and among the most historic and successful clubs in the Larian area there is undoubtedly the Lecco Ski Club of president Arturo Montanelli. The association was born in 1931 and the first president was Mario Cereghini, a skier from Lecco, member of the central board of Fisi for a decade and winner of numerous titles both at local and university level. The results were not long in coming and three years later the Lecco Ski Club won sixth place overall at the Italian Championships in Sestriere.

Among the presidents who succeeded each other in the first half century of life, Riccardo Cassin, a famous mountaineer capable of reaching unthinkable peaks with his expeditions, as well as one of the club’s founding members, and his successor, Giovanni Battista Valsecchi who organized for the first time in the Lecco area the Italian Absolute Giant Championship and two Super Giant races valid for the European Cup. Gianni Rota, president for more than 20 years, was responsible for the constitution of the Provincial Committee Fisi of Lecco. Among his projects he also realized the Winter Week of the Fund in Valsassina.

The company is constantly growing, both numerically and qualitatively. In 1995 the Lecco Ski Club ranked 13th in the national ranking among more than a thousand participating companies, demonstrating the goodness of the activity put into practice by the team, also winning in the same year the first Italian team title in the Master category, with Domenico Invernizzi winner of three veteran titles and second at the World Championships in the category. Results of great prestige, which in 1998 are worth the Golden Star awarded by Coni. The new century opens with the two golds and one silver won again by Domenico Invernizzi at the World Masters Championships, but the new recruits also do well.

This is the case, for example, of Roberta Melesi, who will be able to defend the colors of the Fiamme Oro starting from Lecco, or of Alessia Medetti, who was able in 2010 to become part of the C team of the national team. After her, Ivan Codega, Tommaso Sala and Davide Cazzaniga also wear the blue, who will also make their debut in the World Cup, while in 2012 the club rises to first national place in terms of youth activity. Among the most important results of recent years, the two golds and bronze by Michelangelo Tentori at the 2015 Universiade in Granada should be mentioned.

In addition to the more traditional skiing, with courses for all ages, a special Sky & Fun section has also been active since 2006, reserved for children aged 3 to 10. The project is to introduce less experienced children to skiing in a fun and cheerful way, with activities carried out at the Piani di Bobbio and excursions to other places such as Madesimo, Valgerola and Santa Caterina Valfurva.

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