Santoni and De Stefano win the Super Next Gen in Como

Easter Sunday in the name of great tennis in Como. The Como Tennis Club hosted in its headquarters in Villa Olmo the finals of the Larian stage of the Super Next Gen Italia, a national circuit that confronts the best prospects of the peninsula in the Under 16 and Under 18 categories in a single tournament.

The tournament started on Friday, March 26, with 397 players registered. Almost 400 matches played to elect the winners, also divided among other clubs in the area, and Edoardo Santoni in the men’s field and Samira De Stefano among the females won the two finals.

Let’s start with the men’s tournament and Edoardo Santoni, a Tennis Club Sesto player, good at beating Curzio Manucci of the Genoa 1893 Tennis Club in the final. The first set ends easily in the hands of the Lombard tennis player, who won 6-1. In the second set Santoni still gets the first break, but ahead 2-0 he is reassembled by the Ligurian up to 6-3 which brings the game into a draw. Manucci starts the third and decisive set well, leading 2-1, then 4 consecutive games won by Santoni decide the tournament which ends at 6-3. It should be noted that both finalists were Under 16 and were not included in the top seeds.

«I am very happy – Edoardo Santoni commented at the end -. I played a lot, eight matches, I felt good. I wasn’t the favorite, but deep down I knew I could win. A belief that grew after eliminating seeded number 1 Andrea Giammario of Tc Milano Bonacossa. In the final at one point I thought I could finish it in two sets, then my opponent was good. In the third set, whoever resisted the most won it and I think it was a good match to watch».

All easy in the women’s final for Samira De Stefano, Under 18 of the Cantù Tennis Club and seeded number 2, able to defeat 6-0 and 6-1 over seeded number 1, Vittoria Baccino of the Tc Finale. The first 9 games are all of the Larian tennis player, then Baccino shortens to 3-1, goes close to the break at 0-40, but undergoes a comeback from De Stefano who then closes the set without giving more games to the opponent.

«I didn’t expect such a clear result – Samira’s words at the end of the game -. I’m happy because I think I played very well. The Super Next Gen was a very important opportunity for me to play and test myself, especially in this moment with the difficulties related to Covid».

The awards ceremony was attended by the councilor for sport of the Municipality of Como, Marco Galli, the provincial delegate of Coni Niki D’Angelo and the delegate of Federtennis Walter Schmidinger, as well as the president of Tennis Como Chiara Sioli, the vice president Roberto Redaelli and the director of the Paolo Carobbio tournament.

Claudio Zubani

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