A perfect itinerary to enjoy a snowshoeing on a sunny Sunday, strictly with breathtaking views of Lake Como!

The excursion to the Cross of Mount Muggio (1,799 meters) has one of the best views of Lake Como. It is a fairly short hike with little difference in altitude, characterized by an easy path and in excellent condition and for this reason definitely suitable for families with children (better if used to walking).

This itinerary (a ring trekking that allows you to enjoy the different sides of the mountain and its different landscapes on the Valsassina, Valvarrone and Lake Como) starts from the famous Alpe Giumello, a panoramic terrace situated at 1553 m right at the foot of Mount Muggio.

Already from here you will notice the splendid view that the alp offers not only on Lake Como, but also on Lake Lugano and the surrounding mountains: Monte Rosa, Monte Legnone and Legnoncino. The alp is located in the municipality of Carsago and also houses a small ski lift that if you are a good skier (or not, it doesn’t matter ) will allow you to also do some downhill!

Are you convinced? You just have to prepare the equipment and get going!

The itinerary

First of all you have to reach the Alpe Giumello, which is located in the town of Casargo, in Alta Valsassina, about an hour from Lecco and about 100 kilometers from Milan (follow the SS36 to the height of Bellano, then exit and start climbing until you reach Taceno, then continue to Casargo-Narro and finally follow the signs to Alpe Giumello, in fact).

Once you reach the alp, pass the Shambalà Refuge and continue to Ristoro Genio: here you will find a large car park where you can leave your car to finally start the walk. You should know that the first part of the path is composed of a flat and very wide dirt road, so you will certainly have no problems.
Once you arrive at the Alpe Chiaro, continue towards Prà Bolscino: here the path narrows and there is alas a short climb… but the view is really wonderful (and definitely deserves a photo)!

At this point you will enter a forest of larches, beech trees and rhododendrons (you do not remember the scenery of the Chronicles of Narnia? Your children probably will!). Continuing along the path you will notice that now the track becomes narrow, with small stones and some rocks that you will have to overcome with the help of your hands and with the help of the chains. Do not worry, it is a slightly more challenging but feasible step, even for your children, just give them an extra look.

At the end of the forest you will meet a source of water, take the opportunity to fill the water bottles! After about half an hour of walking, near the refuge Capanna Vittoria, you will meet beautiful cottages inhabited seasonally and a playground where children can have fun and have a little fun taking advantage of the snack. Once again, a short descent will take you to the church of San Ulderico, an ancient mountain church dating back to the eleventh century. which enjoys a spectacular view of Mount Legnone.

Continuing among woods and meadows and admiring the views of Valvarrone, you will reach another viewpoint overlooking Lake Como: you are above the villages of Dervio and Bellano; here on clear days the view stretches to the Swiss Alps, a panorama that will make you amaze!

Once you get out of the forest you will find a large meadow where cows graze in summer: here the path widens again and a pleasant mule track will take you back to the parking lot of Alpe Giumello passing through the Alpe Chiaro (here you will find another fountain with drinking water).

Good, you’ve completed the ring. If you finish the tour you are not tired yet you can climb to the top of Monte Croce di Muggio with a fairly easy path that provides a difference in height of about 200 meters lasting about 1 hour. Know that from the cross the scenery is sensational: you will enjoy 360 degrees the slopes of the mountain and your gaze will be able to expand on the Grigna, Mount Legnone, Legnoncino, Pizzo Tre Signori, Monte San Primo, the group of Monte Rosa, the peaks of Valchiavenna and of course on the beautiful lake Como.

  • Surely the path is not passable with strollers, even with trekking ones, always better a baby carrier in case your children are very small.

  • Do not forget the appropriate equipment: not only snowshoes, but also technical clothing and hiking boots.

  • There are no refuges along the way, so bring some snacks. For lunch you can choose between the three huts on the Alpe Giumello: Shambalà refuge, Capanna Vittoria and Ristoro Genio. Interesting to know that all refuges offer typical local dishes but at the Shambalà Refuge, in addition, are offered the dishes of memory, that is, the traditional dishes that were once served in everyone’s homes, usually vegetarian (meat was once a luxury). These are simple dishes but of great value for those who want to taste a piece of history!

  • Don’t forget your four-legged friends, who will surely thank you if you take them with you and they will go crazy wagging their tails in the snow

Good hiking!