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I am often asked why I chose to become a masseuse or what drives me to do it day after day. Massaging allowed me to get out of an internalized shell, the massage for me goes beyond the simple manual act both in receiving it and in giving it. This passion of mine has allowed me to get to explore my skills, to reassess myself, to get back into play at every challenge that has presented itself during my life. The massage helps me to rediscover the thousand nuances that a person has. When I massage, my mind, my soul and my hands become one, and with my touch I try to give an emotion, a positive help on all levels, both mental and physical. Every time that massage, meeting after meeting, I participate in a unique, unrepeatable and tangible ritual, every time it is an enlightenment and it is always as beautiful as “the first time”.


Sports massage: useful for those who want to improve athletic performance, reduce muscle tension, prevent injuries, prepare muscles for physical activity.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage: it is excellent in case of cellulite, because it helps the metabolism to function properly and avoids the swelling that accumulate in the legs.
  • Decontracting massage.
  • Aromatherapy massage.
  • Foot reflexology: an effective method to rebalance the whole body by acting on the reflex zones.
  • Ayurmamy: for expectant mothers, a moment of serenity, health and well-being awaiting delivery.
  • Holistic massage: with this type of massage the body is always treated globally in every respect.

*at the end of each treatment an herbal tea is offered, connected to it for its aroma, taste and properties


Autumn detoxifying massage / treatment: a massage that promotes the elimination of toxins and gives a rejuvenated appearance.

  • Autumn relaxation massage / treatment: total body relaxing massage with lavender oil and essences.
  • Myofascial massage Autumn: deep massage, aimed at reactivating all the muscles and loosening the tensions, completed by a cranial massage.
  • Salt massage: extremely relaxing, stimulates circulation and gives vitality thanks to the vibration that pink Himalayan salt crystals emit.
  • Candle Massage: a special candle gives warm drops perfumed with vegetable oils to hydrate and velvety the skin.

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