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If your true passion has always been History and you’d love to have an exciting experience,  just follow the pathway to Forte Fuentes and Forte Montecchio and take a big step into the past!
The journey begins by walking through the Main Portal of  Forte Fuentes and getting thus into Piazza d’Armi: take a look to the still-working cement embrasures and to the army lodgings, as well as to the mill and to the Church of Santa Barbara.
Forte Fuentes, built in Colico above Monteggiolo hill and wanted by the Spanish Governor of the State of Milan at the time, also Count of Fuentes, it has always been a coveted crossroad between Upper Lake Como, Valchiavenna and Valtellina.

Forte Montecchio Nord, instead, it was built at the beginning of the WW I at the very strategic point where five access roads to Italy meet, in order to create a defence system against Germans and Austrians. This is the greatest well-preserved fortified structure in all Europe, with the most stunning views on Lake Como and the surrounding mountain landscapes.

Opening time

Forte di Fuentes

  • November: 4, 5 continued schedule 10-18


  • FULL ticket € 5 (from 18 years upwards)
  • REDUCED ticket € 3 (from 6 to 17 years)
  • FREE ticket – free admission (reserved for: children up to 5 years, Members of the Museum)




Spasso tra i fort


For more information:
 +39 0341 940322
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Opening time

Forte Montecchio Nord

  • November: 4, 5 orari 9,30-13,30 (ultimo ingresso ore 12,30) e 14-19 (ultimo ingresso ore 18)

Aperture su prenotazione: il forte è prenotabile ogni giorno dell’anno anche fuori dalle aperture suddette, per gruppi al costo di euro 65 per il servizio di accompagnamento (max 25 persone ogni guida) più euro 6 per ogni visitatore.
La visita inizia ad ogni ora e dura 50 minuti c.a; l’apertura è continuata fino all’orario di chiusura che si riferisce all’inizio dell’ultima visita.


  • FULL ticket (adults): € 7.00,
  • REDUCED ticket (children aged 6 to 17): € 5.00,
  • FREE ticket (children up to 5 years, Members of the Museum): free,
  • CONVENTION ticket (affiliated institutions, Friends of the Museum and the Fort): according to the agreement,
  • CUMULATIVE ticket (Forte Montecchio and Forte di Fuentes): FULL ticket (adults) € 10.00 REDUCED (children from 6 to 17 years) € 6.00.

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