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Admiring the lake of Lecco means entering into its world of luxurious villas, unparalleled architectural remains. Follow us on this tour and you will be delighted.

Villa Manzoni

Villa Manzoni

Abode of the poet until his adolescence, it received many of his memorabilia, manuscripts and furnishings remained unaltered. Passed to the Scola family, it is now owned by the Municipality of Lecco.

Website Villa Manzoni – Museums Lecco


villa Picenardi

Villa Somma Picenardi

This building we could call it Villa of surprises. Beyond the majestic park, you will in fact discover a secret and unexpected Italian garden. Natural terraces degrading on the hill, alternating with ramps and stairways will give you evocative glimpses.

Website Villa Sommi Picenardi

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