Villa Gomes

Villa Gomes (Brasilia). Designed by the architect Attilio Bolla in 1880, it is perhaps one of the most evocative places of the Milan Scapigliatura.

The villa was the residence of the Brazilian composer and musician Carlos Gomes (1836-1896) who came to Italy after winning a scholarship to continue his studies at the Milan Conservatory. A contemporary of Verdi and Puccini, poets and musicians gathered here, such as Ghislanzoni, Amilcare Ponchielli and Enrico Petrella who shared creative and delightful moments. Antonio Carlo Gomes chose the neighborhood of Maggianico thanks also to the Lecco and his friend Antonio Ghislanzoni who knew the area because he lived in the hamlet of Barco di Maggianico. Maggianico was known at the time as a very healthy area for the presence of thermal waters and at the source of health, currently visible at the Convent of the Sisters of Maria Bambina in Maggianico.

Villa Gomes

La villa fu realizzata in stile eclettico. È rimasta sostanzialmente invariata nella struttura architettonica e decorativa, con i fregi esterni e gli affreschi che rappresentano temi musicali. L’edificio è un blocco rettangolare a due piani con due prospetti ugualmente importanti. Uno è orientato verso il paese di Maggianico e l’altro, preceduto da un’ampia scalinata, verso il lago. Sul lato occidentale si imposta il lungo corpo già adibito a serra e oggi trasformato in auditorium. L’interno è arricchito da uno scalone il cui soffitto presenta ricchi affreschi, gli unici sopravvissuti al degrado in cui la villa per molti anni è stata lasciata. Sopravvive, fortunatamente, il bellissimo pavimento “alla veneziana” del salone a piano terreno.

Villa Ponchielli

A few meters away from Villa Gomes rises Villa Ponchielli. It was also built on a project by the same architect Attilio Bolla just a year earlier, at the behest of the musician Amilcare Ponchielli. From their adjacent villas they could also enjoy the beautiful views of the Resegone and Grigna mountains. To the north the view of Lake Como and to the south the Adda valley, where a lively center of culture and art was created.

Today’s villa

The villa was sold by Gomes a few years after its construction. Passed for several hands, it was bought in 1970 by the Municipality of Lecco. Twenty years later, it was restored to a design by Terragni engineers from Como. Having to bend it to the needs of the civic school of music that is based there, they have not just upset the original layout. It has a large garden, once rich in essences and exotic animals that recreated the tropical landscape so dear and familiar to Gomes, unfortunately suffered numerous alterations. In front of the villa there is a beautiful fountain. The villa has a convenient adjacent parking area and is close to the bus and train stops.

The Park of Villa Gomes is the largest in the city and boasts very varied and highly prized trees. The musician Antonio Carlos Gomes gave his house the name of Villa Fiori, due to the rarity and variety of the plants he imported. A great place where you can walk or run during the day. At the hotel, various events are organized (outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, etc.).

The Giorgio Gaslini Fund is hosted in the Villa Gomes. The great musician and composer has donated to the city of Lecco his library and his disco, composed of thousands of volumes and records. Also a vast archive of articles and essays written by the national and foreign press about his music. All the original manuscripts of his compositions are also present. The record collection includes classical music, jazz, but also the history of rock and ethnic music.

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