Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni, formerly also known as Bellagio Castle, is a villa located in the municipality of Bellagio, in the promontory area.

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Villa Serbelloni

Imagine a picturesque village nestled on the lake.

Writers and artists have praised the wonder for years fascinated by views that only this town, nicknamed “the pearl” of Lake Como, can offer. Ancient stairs, an ups and downs of narrow streets where you can discover pretty shops, characteristic restaurants will lead you to discover this jewel and one of its most famous villas: Villa Serbelloni. The Villa, with its nineteenth-century appearance, was begun in 1400 and stands on a promontory that extends into the lake, immersed in an amazing park, undoubtedly worth a visit. Villa Serbelloni is currently the headquarters of the Rockefeller Foundation.

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