Villa Melzi d’Eril

Beautiful botanical park on Lake Como, a stone’s throw from Bellagio.

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Villa Melzi d’Eril

Villa Melzi D’eril is a private historical house, symbol of Bellagio, proclaimed National Monument. It was built by the architect Giocondo Albertolli.

The realization of the gardens was entrusted to Luigi Canonica and the agronomist Luigi Villoresi, who built also the Park of Villa Reale in Monza. Internally the Villa was furnished and decorated by the major artists of that period like Andrea Appiani, Giuseppe Bossi and the sculptor Antonio Canova.


Villa Melzi is situated on the second promontory of Bellagio and its garden extend over 800 meters over the lake, up to the district of Loppia. At the entrance of the gardens, there is a small lake of water lilies, just beyond a kiosk in Moorish style with a delightful view of Bellagio and in front of the monument of Dante and Beatrice by Comolli. Continuing the walk along the lake, you can admire an ancient Egyptian statue to the Goddess Pacht, together with the spoils of Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign. Crossing a beautiful avenue of plane trees, you will arrive in the proximity of the Villa, preceded by the Orangerie, the old greenhouse, now set up as a museum, containing relicts and prints of First Italian Republic. A little further down the path, the Family Chapel, a neoclassic temple, marks of the garden with its splendid monuments.

The garden is full of rare species of exotic plants and centuries old flowering hedges of camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas

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