Villa dei Pini

A restaurant with four rooms and a veranda for maximum comfort

The Isimbaldi Family is already in its second generation, always present in the catering sector: with this new location it wants to contribute actively to the continuous and increasing needs of its customers. The possibility of knowing, the desire to travel, the love for experimentation have allowed the restaurant to grow and be appreciated, not only by the citizens of Lecco.
Today at the helm of the restaurant we find Chiara who, with her husband Alessandro and her sister Cristina, manage the restaurant with expert skill: they know how to recommend the right dish, they make you feel at ease, in the utmost professionalism and seriousness.
Do not forget the father Giuliano, the founder, with a past in the restaurant for over thirty years, even if retired always comes to wonder if all is well, to cheer you with a good joke and a healthy laugh, alternating his presence between the the restaurant the VILLA DEI PINI and the TAVERNETTA of Mandello Del Lario, which the other his son Claudio manages with the same passion and professionalism.

We also remember all the staff: cooks, help cooks, pizza makers and waiters, because they fly between the tables and kitchens, only and exclusively to make us eat well.
To demonstrate the genuineness of the cuisine and the professionalism of the staff, La Villa dei Pini puts “on display” his kitchen, overlooking the main hall. Here chefs and assistants prepare the delicacies you will taste, from appetizers to desserts.

The four rooms and the veranda are at your disposal for any need. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a business lunch or a banquet for a special occasion, La Villa dei Pini will always offer you maximum comfort, even customizing the rooms according to your needs.
Possibility of Tourist Menu for school trips, social outings, etc.


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