Villa Balbianello

Elegant and romantic residence immersed in a well-kept garden set on a promontory from which you can enjoy enchanted views of the Lario.

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Villa Balbianello

Standing in Lenno, this definitely is one of the most famous scenic elegant Villas on the whole Lake: the fascinating Villa Balbianello.

Built in the 18th century on the very top of Lavedo’s peninsula, it’s a real jewel surrounding by wonderful flourishing gardens. Over the last few years, the Villa has been the setting for several International movies, such as Star Wars and Casino Royale just to name a few.

The inside of the Villa Balbianello hosts some interesting collections and masterpieces, from one kind to another: Chinese Art decorations, English furnitures dated back to the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as Canova’s, Tadolini’s and Hayez’s masterpieces.

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