Vetta Sighignola

Vetta Sighignola, the Balcony of Italy, is a unique vantage point, located at the top of Mount Sighignola, one of the main peaks of the Lugano Prealps, whose slopes are divided between Lanzo d’Intelvi (Italy) and Arogno / Lugano (Switzerland).

Unspoiled woods, paths immersed in nature and the view that extends to the peaks of 4000 in the Alps. An enchanting scenery to live all year round with snow and summer sun, including trekking and cycling.
The embellishment works carried out on the Swiss side with the construction of a second terrace and the construction of a playground and picnic area have made the town even more attractive.
Two signing tables, offered by the Italian Touring Club, are placed on the Italian terrace to show tourists the hundreds of peaks visible from the summit from Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn, from Campo dei Fiori to the nearby Brè and Tamaro places in Switzerland together with the Maggiore lakes and Ceresio and the splendid view of the city of Lugano.
The show that opens before your eyes is priceless: the main terrace has been built overlooking the Swiss side, which falls towards the valley with a drop of 1000 meters. On the two terraces it is also possible to organize conferences, concerts, shows, sporting events, while enjoying the wonderful panorama and the special atmosphere that surrounds this place so special.
You can reach the summit crossing the two sides, the one that starts from Lake Ceresio in Switzerland and the one that starts Lake Como in Italy, but in both cases you pass through the beautiful village of Lanzo d’Intelvi, a mountain village that has retained its charm and that in winter it is covered with a soft white blanket that creates a fairytale atmosphere.
This is the starting point of many paths that climb up to the Balcony of Italy: by bike or on foot, these paths are ideal to immerse yourself completely and enjoy the mountain air, on the tracks of the ancient tracks of the Cadorna Line, the northern frontier created during the First World War.
This military outpost was the perfect observation point to keep the territory under control: by taking a little care while walking along the paths of Mount Sighignola you can still see the traces left by the Alpine service in this border guard of the North Frontier : trenches, tunnels, roads, walkways and observatories.
Right at the highest point, at the edge of the woods, is the Chapel of the Alpini, a tiny religious building in stone from which to dominate the valley almost at 360 degrees.
The Balcony of Italy is the final destination for many paragliding, trekking, mountain-bikers and motorcyclists, who climb up to the summit every day on the road made by the Italian Touring Club.

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