Valsecchi Formaggi

Valsecchi Formaggi … for a hundred years in the square

For four generations our family has reached the city markets to offer traditional cheeses and above all smiles. Generation after generation we carefully choose the best products because we believe in the relationship with the customer, in his trust and in his duty to serve goodness and tradition on the table. We have always focused our attention on the dairy sector so as to be able to offer the most varied types of seasoning of the products of our area, Valsassina and Valtellina and the best Italian cheeses in the hope of satisfying even the finest palates.

We reach weekly the squares of the cities of Lecco, Wednesdays and Saturdays, Merate on Tuesday and Erba on Thursday. Valsecchi Formaggi … for a hundred years in the square.


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