Tour between the sacred and the profaned

Tour between the sacred and the profaned: Piona Abbey, Orrido of Bellano and Castle of Vezio


This amazing daily tour will let you discover some of the most beautiful treasures of Lake Como.
Our tour start with a relaxing cruise on the Lake on board of the historical Ferry Boat. From the city of Como we will navigate coast to coast, reaching the towns that lie on lakeshores. From the Ferry, you will admire almost the entire lake: our route departs from the south-west branch, narrow and winding, with step-wooded bank; it passes through the central basin of the Lake, where is situated the promontory of Bellagio with its beautiful villas; and it arrives to the northern branch, which is the widest and most exposed. We will get off at Piona, a small peninsula on the north-eastern shore, which is part of the municipality of Colico.
We will have a couple of hour to visit a peaceful and sacred place: Piona Abbey. This 11th century Cistercian Abbey offers a magnificent view of the lake and is one of the finest examples of the Romanesque style typical of the region.  You will visit the church, the cloister, the Capitulate rooms and the building hosting the products made by the Piona Monks like medicinal herbs, cosmetic creams, honey and liquors. After this exciting visit, we will move to the town of Bellano.
Here we will visit the famous “Orrido” (Ravine) a gorge formed by the waters of Pioverna Torrent, carving out gigantic potholes and suggestive caverns. The dark sinuous recesses, the gloomy rumble of the turbulent waters have been a source of inspiration for many a writer, making Orrido the most renowned tourist spot in the Lario area. The “Cà del Diavol” or “Devil’s house” evokes collective fears of the devil and satanic rituals, embodying the mysterious lure of the place. A concrete walkway allows you to admire the beauty of a truly unique place.
The last visit of our day trip is the Castle of Vezio, another beautiful place rich in history.
This medieval fortress, situated on the top of the hill behind the town of Varenna, offers a spectacular view on the centre of the Lake, especially from its high tower. The unique atmosphere of this place will charm you.
At the end of the day, we will leave for Lecco, driving along the scenic road on the lake. Once arrived, a tasty happy hour with cocktail and appetizer wait for us at “Imbarcadero” Cocktail Bar. 


DATE: From Monday to Friday
DURATION: all day long, from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm
DESTINATION COVERED: Cruise from Como to Piona, Visit of: Piona Abbey, the Orrido of Bellano, the Castle of Vezio, final happy hour at Imbarcadero Cocktail Bar, Lecco.
MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Car/minivan/minibus; Ferryboat


08:00 am: Departure from Lecco to Como
09:00 am: Arrival at Como
09:50 am: Cruise from Como to Piona – possibility to lunch on board (at the ferry restaurant)
02:00 pm: Arrival at Piona and visit of the Abbey
04:00 pm: Departure to Bellano
04:30 pm: Visit of the Orrido of Bellano
05:30 pm: Departure to Varenna
06:00 pm: Visit of the Castle of Vezio
07:00 pm: Departure to Lecco
07:30 pm: Final Happy Hour at Imbarcadero Cocktail Bar, Lecco
08:30 pm: Transfer to the Hotel

The price includes transfer service, ferryboat’s ticket (Como-Piona), visit of Piona Abbey, the Orrido of Bellano and the Castle of Vezio, final Happy hour at Imbarcadero Cocktail Bar.


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