Torno and the Mystery of the Pietra Pendula

Herman Hesse described this tiny hamlet as a “Love at first sight”, when first Torno saw it from the ferry boat.

If you’d love to feel the same way, just take the narrow road which runs from Como to Bellagio then stop in Torno, a small town renowned for its wonderful tapestry production, exported even to Germany.
Standing on a hill overlooking Moltrasio, despite its strategic location, in 1522 Torno was attacked and almost totally destroyed by the Spanish.
Leaving from Torno is also the pathway to Monte Piatto and to its stunning views on the lake itself. Tour the area and enjoy all the suggestive glimpses, as well as the well-known Massi Avelli ( some rocks which were dug into for burial purposes) and the Pietra Pendula (a 60 long ton mushroom-shaped granite boulder resting on a calcareous pedestal).

Comune di Torno
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