The waterfall of the Troggia

Spectacular waterfall and cool water suitable for fighting hot days.

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The waterfall of the Troggia

The Troggia Valley offers the most grateful and exciting surprises to the alpinist, a magnificent waterfall that descends from the rocks; just outside of Introbio.

After having crossed the Biandino basin it is one of the most important natural phenomena of Valsassina, called “Dogs Paradise”. His enchantment made many writers and painters fall in love. The Troggia is a torrent that rises from the Lake of Sasso, crosses the whole Biandino Valley and, just above the village of Introbio, forms a beautiful waterfall with a jump of 100 meters.

The waterfall of the Troggia has been known since ancient times and its quotations are even found in Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus “Invalsasina infra Vi-mognio et Introbbio amandesstra entering via Leccho is the Trosa river that chade from a very high rock and chadendo enters the river beneath the ground “.

Visible by car also from the provincial road that goes from Lecco to Valsassina, it is easily reachable along a path of just over 1 km that starts near the Ciresa plant. The lazy ones can walk a stretch of road to Biandino Valley by car, park and walk to the base of the waterfall in 5-10 minutes. The show is remarkable: the rocks surround the sparkling waterfall and the water disappears in the pond, just as Leonardo da Vinci wrote. After the waterfall of the Troggia it joins the Pioverna stream, which, after having passed through the whole Valsassina, roars in the gorges of the Orrido di Bellano and in the end it flows into Lake Como.

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