The Visconti island

“Hello, tiny, romantic, ancient Isola Viscontea, green almost triangular raft in the galloping waters of the Adda…”

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The Visconti island

The Visconti island is located in Lecco, where the branch of Lake Como becomes, again, the river Adda.

Its origins are uncertain, but can easily be linked to the fate of the Azzone Visconti bridge. This became a source of discord between Lecco, Como and the lakeside lands because it was believed that it could be the cause of the flooding of the lake that constantly submerged the main square of Como. It was therefore decided to proceed with the widening of the river bed and a ninth, a tenth and an eleventh arch were added to the Azzone Visconti bridge around and after 1440.

The landfill was most likely deposited in the area known as the Lazzaretto. To ensure that the waters flowed better, the channel separating the island from the mainland was dug and it is in this way that the islet or the river that separates it from the Lecco shore was probably formed. the launch of the canal that Leonardo da Vinci planned to build beside the river towards Milan, in 1500?These are questions that stop at the wall of sturdy walls that have resisted the most impetuous floods of the Adda.

The past use of the island, from the shape of the island and from the present decorations, it is presumed that the Visconti island was used as a defense fort and as a military garrison. Later, however, it became a fisherman’s house. The island building was inhabited until 1956 when the former owners were denied permission to build a bridge connecting the islet to the mainland and for this reason they abandoned it. It was later rented until 1961 before the last owners took possession of it.

Years ago a local weekly newspaper had written:

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