The Source of Fiumelatte

Fiumelatte, the mysterious river

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The Source of Fiumelatte

Fiumelatte was already mentioned as “Fiumelaccio” in Leonardo da Vinci’s Atlantic Codex, intrigued by this phenomenon.

Fiumelatte is one of the shortest river in Italy. Its water’ activity is just temporary and seasonal, as it usually flows only from March to October. This characteristic has led for centuries many academics, starting from Leonardo and Stenone as well, to study its origin. Many of the researchers think that the river could be an “overflow” of a larger basin situated in the glacial cirque of Moncòdeno (Northern Grigna).
It owns its name, literally “the milk river”, from the white colour of the waters.

The pathway which leads to this amazing location starts in Varenna, right in front of Villa Monastero, at the beginning of Via Roma. Once you get to the small square of the Graveyard, take the steep flight of steps on your left and keep walking through the woods until you reach the Source.

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