The Planetary of Lecco

The Planetary of Lecco – Definitely one of the best highlights in town, thanks to its 62 seats this Planetarium is probably one of the largest in all Italy.
Open in 2004 it consists of a conference room, a library, a special section showing rare astronomical tools and a 8 m long dome as well. This last one usually hosts some accurate projections of the celestial sphere: up to 3200 celestial bodies, eclipses, supernova explosions as well as transition comets. They all let you feel like the most brave astronaut ever existed.


  • Saturday:
    1st screening at 3.00pm – 2nd screening at 4.30pm
  • Sunday:
    1st screening at 3.00pm – 2nd screening at 4.30pm


  • Full ticket: € 6.00
  • Reduced ticket: € 4.00

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