The Mill Valley

The green heart of Lombardy

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The Mill Valley

The Mill Valley of Dizzasco – the green heart of Lombardy

The Mill Valley of Dizzasco can be reached starting from the town center, here you follow a mule track that goes down the Mill Valley, so called because once there were many hydraulic power plants here: mills, hammers and hydraulic hammers for iron forging. Dating back to 1600 – 1700, they were used to grind wheat and chestnuts and to make agricultural tools. The mill of the Traversa was the last to stop grinding in 1975: you can still admire the wheel and the chimney.

Nearby a beautiful medieval humpbacked bridge crosses the Telo stream, then the mule track reaches the town of Cerano. Every year, during the month of August, there is the FESTIVAL OF MILLS, where you can attend demonstrations of falconry in medieval costume, baptism of the glove for children, flight of birds of prey and expert archers, folk groups, guided tours of the Mills and sale of local products.

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