The herbalist La Mandragora

Products of different varieties all microbiologically tested.

The herbalist La Mandragora has been open in Lecco since 1984 and offers great professionalism and experience. In the variety of products you can find spagyric preparations of the company Vis Medicatrix Naturae of Dr. Giorgini Martino, available in practical tablets or in alcohol-free liquid solutions suitable for children. Mandragora has dynamized phytocomplexes according to holistic canons, personalized herbal teas, Helan and Mosqueta’s phytocosmetics.

Helan products are born from the desire to get the best, selecting the characteristics of rare natural ingredients chosen according to the purpose of each cosmetic product; they are formulated with substances suggested by the ancient herbal wisdom of natural remedies such as plant extracts, essential oils, vegetable butters, vegetable oils, fair-trade raw materials.

All products are microbiologically tested, without preservatives where possible, without parabens, neither animal or petroleum-based ingredients and dyes and tested to reduce the risk of allergies even to heavy metals.

From us you can find:

  • mosqueta’s, a line of phytocosmetics produced with the first BIO pink mosqueta of Chile;
  • essential oils;
  • burns essences;
  • candles and a great variety of incense, all strictly produced with natural and absolutely non-toxic resins;
  • a complete line of hair care products, from dyes to shampoos to conditioners and masks for every need.

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