The Church of San Giorgio

The Church of San Giorgio, built in Mandello del Lario and dated back to the 13th century, it belongs to the parish of Sant’Antonio Abate in Crebbio.

Set above the San Giorgio Pass, the church shows an inexplicable step which probably was used once during some rituals or to avoid any possible chance of flooding. The patron saint’s festival is on April 23. However the church is still freely open to the public upon request, just contact Pro Loco di Mandello. Mandello del Lario: on a spur of rock overlooking the lake, along the path of the Sentiero del Viandante, we find the small church of San Giorgio.

Some findings, such as the hidden apse under the presbytery and the columns carved with ribbons and Greek crosses, suggest its foundation in the high medieval period. Externally the building has a simple gabled façade interrupted by an oculus, simple architectural structure, also found in other medieval churches of the lake shore. The peculiarity of the church, which makes the environment particularly enchanting, however, is the large and unified fresco decorative apparatus, which covers most of the walls, the triumphal arch and the presbytery floor. The rare cycle, which covers previous compositions surfacing on the wall of the triumphal arch and on the right wall, moves within the cultural matrix of the Osservanza promoted by San Bernardino, and formulates in a high and effective way the concept that, at the eschatological moment, it comes through the works and above all the charity. On the triumphal arch Christ is depicted in the final judgment, flanked by prophets, to whom the nine angelic and patriarch hosts are subject. On the left wall, beyond the Limbo, there is the resurrection of the buni rising in hierarchies within a castle, welcomed by Saints Peter and Paul and the Virgin.

On the opposite wall are vices chained to the judgment of Minos; the damned, around the enormous king of hell, suffer the penalties of Dante’s contraption. These frescoes are placed in the years 1475-1485 and referred to masters of the Piedmont area of ​​Mondovi, which draw however from the Lombard experiences, found especially on the triumphal arch. In the sottarco are painted busts of prophets, decorated the ribs with the beautiful keystone with the blessing Christ, while on the bottom wall you can see a stylistically different Crucifixion, perhaps the work of a master of the area.


  • Every Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Extraordinary opening to be requested in ProLoco

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