The Castel Baradello

The Castel Baradello rises on the homonymous hill that dominates the city of Como.

The altitude, its location south of Como and the lake and the possibilities of strategic links with the surrounding area, have determined the constant use of the Baradello hill, from the protohistoric to the historical era, with defensive and customs functions; its massive square-based tower is clearly visible to those arriving in Como.
The best preserved structure of the entire complex is the massive square Romanesque tower, whose base rests the foundations on the rock. Today only the battlements are missing from the ancient grandeur. The first order of walls that surrounds the tower is the oldest structure, from the Byzantine era, from the VI – VII century.

The historian George of Cyprus in 604 mentions the castron Baractelia together with the castron Leuci (Lecco), the castron Marturion (Castelmarte) and the Isola Comacina. All these fortifications were inserted in a complex defensive border system called Byzantine Limes.
The oldest preserved structures, that is the inner circle of walls, date back to this historical period. The wall enclosure is trapezoidal with an entrance that could be bolted. The bill is similar to the Roman walls of Santa Maria Rezzonico on Lake Como.

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