Tentori Fabio Tuttosport


Via Roma, 46 – 23868 Valmadrera, LC Italy

Tel. +39 0341583371
Email: fabiotentori@hotmail.com


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Tentori Fabio Tuttosport

Specialized sportswear and winter equipment rental.

The Tentori Fabio Tuttosport store, located since 1968 in Valmadrera in Roma 46 street, is a specialized shop with technical assistance for tennis, running, trekking, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, also offering a choice of sportswear from the best brands. Salomon Shop has also been operating for 20 years, trying to provide the customer with the majority of products.

In the winter season it is possible to rent equipment for both alpine and Nordic skiing from the smallest to adults and for different periods of time. In addition there is the possibility of assistance for the arrangement of the ski or snowboard and the ability to customize the SALOMON boot with the new custom fit machine in the store.

Throughout the year there is the possibility of performing the tennis stringing service. During the day you can find the tennis suits for men, women and children Adidas and Lacoste.

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