Shabu Como


Via Morazzone angolo Via Mentana – 22100 Como (CO)

Tel: +39 0312740954


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Sushi restaurant

Shabu Como is a reality where innovation, understood as experimentation, and the search for quality go hand in hand. A restaurant that goes beyond the widespread All You Can Eat, which through its fixed price Open sushi formulas wanted to combine Japanese cuisine with typical Italian flavors, in a UNIQUE fusion proposal in the city.

In their menu you can taste more than 40 different rolls and oriental proposals with unique pairings such as carbonara gunkan, but also dishes unobtainable in a restaurant like theirs: in fact, they have a whole selection of raw or seared meat dishes from a controlled and guaranteed supply chain, as well as numerous vegetarian/vegan options designed to please all customers.

All to be accompanied by one of their drinks or one of the fine wine labels you can choose from the selection of bottles enclosed in the special Caveau Menu.

Not visiting their location is definitely a missed opportunity; you will find a truly above-average elegance and attention to detail. Accompanying lunches and dinners remains constant a friendly and professional service that will be able to follow you from the entrance to the venue until dessert.
If you’re passing through town, their sushi is a goodness you just can’t pass up!

Open every day lunch and dinner except Tuesday.

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