Excellent Italian homemade ice cream produced with first quality food

Serendipity is a homemade ice cream parlor located in Lecco, a meeting point for lovers of good ice cream … and more!vHere you can find excellent homemade ice cream, made with organic milk, without hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, artificial colors and cochineal red. Thanks to the careful selection of first quality food we produce good and genuine ice cream, suitable for all tastes, proposing them also without lactose and without animal proteins.
From Serendipity you can also find smoothies, a wide selection of ice cream cakes, semifreddo cakes, stick ice cream, semifreddo sandwiches and single portions, as well as summer granitas and fruit, crèpes and hot chocolates in winter.
We also create customized cakes on commission for parties of all kinds and theme sweets for the holidays.

If you have other doubts or curiosity … you just have to come visit us!


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