San Girolamo Emiliani

Magnificent place, where a magical and precious atmosphere reigns, in addition to the beautiful view of the lake and valley below.

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Santuario San Girolamo Emiliani

Arrived in Somasca, fraction of Vercurago, and abandoned the car in the parking lot, you will be ready to “conquer” the Basilica – Santuario San Girolamo Emiliani – facing the long and white staircase that begins the path.

In the church are preserved the remains of St. Jerome, a Venetian nobleman who made a vow of poverty giving his wealth and dedicating his life to the poor and the orphans. Proceeding along the path you will take the Cappelle Avenue so called for the 10 chapels that will accompany you until you reach the Innominato’s Fortress. Halfway down the avenue you will find the sacred stairway where the pilgrims climb the 101 steps in search of indulgence and, after the fatigue of the long avenue, a mystical place awaits you which will restore body and soul: Valletta, home of the Church of the Resurrection, of the cemetery and of the sanctuary dedicated to the saint.

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