Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco

Place that represents a perfect union between mystery, sacred and nature, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco is located in Imbersago. Beginning in 1615 rumors about unexplained apparitions, in the surrounding woods, of a female figure began to spread. Its construction took place between 1641 and 1646 but it was in 1847 that the unmistakable 349 steps stairway was added. Initially known as Madonna del Riccio because of the legend that narrated that in the surrounding forest, during one of the apparitions, a completely mature curly off-season was launched, it is certainly a place full of charm.


It is possible to freely access the Sanctuary, with no entrance fees or reservations. For group visits it is advisable to send a message via the e-mail address:

Views del Santuario – Gite in Lombardia
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