Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel

“The one of the terraces of Montevecchia is one of the most beautiful locations in the Brianza area: a very high stand, a balcony that rises out of the mists and faces straight south; on windy days you can see from Cisa to Monte Rosa. (…) High mountains defend it from the tramontane. The mists, the mists, that rise from the plains and the lakes touch it fruitfully: it is clear, now, that the most delicate and exquisite wine always derives from mature grapes at the extreme limit of the climatic conditions … “.
Mario Soldati

What’s better than a relaxing walk on the first spring sun? We’ll take care of the path. Follow us to Montevecchia to discover the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel. Follow a splendid panoramic road that will lead you to a flight of 180 steps flanked by a flowering of lime trees, also known as the “holy staircase”, which intersects a ring route with 16 kiosks that recall the Via Crucis. Once at the top of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel let yourself be enchanted by the view that will allow your eyes to come and see Milan, Mont Rouge and Mont Blanc. The Sanctuary, in Baroque style, is rich in frescoes, decorations and consists of an organ dating back to the late eighteenth century.

Built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries on a pre-existing chapel, the sanctuary achieved its current function as a place of Marian cult after the consecration by the cardinal of Milan Schuster in 1945. The bell tower is the main architectural and landscape attraction.

Saturday: 14:00 to 19:00
Sunday: 9.00am – 12.00am 14:00 – 19:00 (with panoramic terrace ascent)
Holy Masses: every Wednesday evening at 20:30 from the 1st of May to the end of this year.

Sanctuary B. V. of Carmel – Cammino di S. Agostino
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