Sacred Mount of Ossuccio

Sacred Mount of Ossuccio: religion art and nature

Inscribed on the Unesco list of  World Heritage Sites, the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio represents the perfect bond between religion art and nature. The itinerary twists along the hill standing above Lenno, right in front of Comacina Island.

According to legend, a white statue of the Virgin Mary had been once found by a deaf-mute baby girl who suddenly healed. The pathway, also known as Viale delle Cappelle, consists of 14 legs signaled by 14 small Baroque chapels depicting the Mystery of the Holy Rosary. The 15th chapel is hosted by and celebrated inside the Sanctuary standing at the end of the path. Deep spirituality, great art and breathtaking landscapes all at once in this unique location: really a suggestive place for anyone to breath a peaceful atmosphere satisfying their own hedonism.

  Via Santuario, 22010 Ossuccio CO
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