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Rugi Home

Our italian love for blankets

Be embraced by Nature’s soft touch.

Rugi Home was born from the desire to create a brand with a real passion and a real soul, all Italian. We propose blankets for the home environment: a real furnishing accessory, created to be talked about, created to be lived. Rugi Home is Ruben Bernasconi and Giulia Boccola, two young people with a great passion for textiles and for the outdoor life who decided to set up an experimental and creative workshop in the heart of the Como textile district. The inspiration comes from the deep connection we have with Nature, from which we extrapolate new textures to achieve the very material aspect we seek and realize into our products.

The weft and the warp working together create such a synergy that it almost seems to feel like a musical pattern and through this artistic composition, our plaids come to life enhancing that material aspect we love so much. They are the result of a study that begins with the drawing design and continues with the choice of yarns, colours, combinations, materials to finally arrive at the actual creation of the finished garment.

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