Roman thermal baths of Como

Important Roman hub in a city rich in history like Como, unmissable given its beauty.

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Roman thermal baths of Como

The Roman Baths of Como date back to the middle of the first century A.D., extending over an area of 1500 square meters.

They were built thanks to a donation by Plinio Il Giovane, an important politician from Como. During the second century A.D. the complex was enlarged with new rooms and new environments. The excavations started in the 70’, bringing to light the walls relating to eight different rooms, some with an octagonal and others with a rectangular plan, that recall the architecture of the Domus Area.

The Roman Baths of Como, according to the excavations that continued until 2008, must have been the largest of the entire Roman Empire, after the ones in Rome.

From the end of the Third Century A.D. the plant was abandoned. The floors, decorations and infrastructure were removed; most of the building material reused for other buildings, and for the next three centuries, a part of the area became a necropolis. Currently the thermal baths can be visited thanks to a path of elevated walkways from which you can view the excavations and plaster recovered. Two exhibition rooms with explanatory panels show a selection of excavations.

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