Riccioli da Marta

Professionalism, experience and taste for an impeccable style

There is all the passion that has guided Marta, since childhood to this activity. His ideas and creations derive from his love for his work and his strong artistic and aesthetic sense. Frequently attending refresher courses, Marta manages to combine professionalism, experience and taste for the novelties that she experiences with personal style and not approved.


A series of specific treatments, regenerating and relaxing to give you moments of relaxation and well-being. Relaxing shampoo: it is performed with a specific technique and has a soothing, emollient, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action on the scalp. Promotes the removal of toxins by bringing energy to the entire capillary system.


It is a very special ritual that is practiced before going to dry. We use a treatment based on aromatherapy that gives the hair softness and brilliance combined with a massage with essential oils


It is an engaging ritual that takes place before treatments. It aims to open up energy channels and free from toxins. Dissolves the tension, frees the mind and gives a pleasant moment of relaxation. Come from Riccioli di Marta to discover all the wellness packages. For all treatments, natural-based products are used. There are many other services and treatments such as bridal hairstyles, cosmetic treatments such as makeup, hands, facial depilation, jewelry and perfumery department.
What are you waiting for?? Run from Riccioli di Brunetti Marta to discover a world of relaxation and personal care!

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