Premana – the Knives Town

Premana – the knives town – standing at the foot of Monte Legnone, surrounded by gorgeous woods is Premana, a small hamlet in Valsassina.

This settlement made up by some old houses and farmsteads with its timeless charm has been unchanged over the centuries.
Its isolated location has preserved the strong cultural identity including traditions, folklore and local dialect all different from the ones finding in the others towns in Valsassina. Nevertheless, Premana became worldwide famous for its unique knives and scissors production. Among the 2000 inhabits living in town, almost 700 of them work in the 160 workshops that manage this business. Touring this intriguing hamlet will definitely let you discover some stunning glimpses all over and also appreciate the great Italian handmade factory.

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  • I have found out that I am descended from the Bellatti family of Premana. The ones I am descended from are named Luigi (1785-1840), Vincenzo (1758- ) and Giuseppe Bellatti (1711-1790). I would like to be in contact with any of their descendants who still live in Premana. Would you be able to connect me with one of the Bellatti families who speak English? I live in Toronto, Canada.
    I would also like to order some knives or scissors from Premana.
    Would you please give me an e-mail so that I can connect with my Bellatti families. Also could you tell me what address I could order knives or scissors from.
    Thank you very much,
    Dianne Moore –

    • Hi Dianne,

      We will help you reconnecting with Bellatti families of Premana! We will repost in every group of our social medias the announce. We hope to find someone who would help you in your research!

      Thank you


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