Places to discover in Lecco

Lecco is not only the famous city of Manzoni and certainly offers many attractions beyond the beautiful lake on which it stands. Trust us and come with us to discover some of them:

The “Matitone” – Basilica of San Nicolò

If you do not suffer from vertigo and want to give you the emotion of being able to admire the city of Lecco and its lake from a privileged height, then climb to the top of the bell tower of the church of San Nicolò nicknamed “The Matitone“. The second highest bell tower in Italy awaits you with its history and to leave you breathless once you reach the top on the balcony. You can not get to Lecco and do not dedicate a visit to its most important church. The Basilica has a neoclassical façade and a large churchyard which is accessed by a characteristic double stone staircase. Currently it is the seat of the provost and decanate of the Archdiocese of Milan. Its main feature is its bell tower nicknamed “the Matitone”, 96 meters high. You can book a visit and enjoy a privileged view of the city of Lecco.

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Piani d’Erna

William Blake claimed that:

”When men and mountains meet, great things happen.”

So let us take you on these mountains just behind Lecco and trust … great things will happen to you. A place that combines opportunities for trekking, adventure parks with Tibetan bridges to cross, regenerating walking paths, ski slopes but also shelters in which to relax because we think even the laziest of you!

Website Piani D’Erna

Lake Trip 

What could be more relaxing than imagining a comfortable boat sailing on the golden waters of a lake to discover enchanting villages to moor? Do not just dream, make this image real by visiting Lake Como and its villas like Villa Carlotta, or wandering through the ancient and intriguing streets of Bellagio.

Viscontean Tower

torre visconteaA jump in the past always has its charm and this tower does not lack it. The only survivor of the castle walls that surrounded the city of Lecco stands out in the central square. Open every day except Mondays, it presents inside the ancient lodgings of the guardhouse, specimens of stone cannon balls and the Museum of the Mountain and Alpinism of Lecco.


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