Places to discover in Como

Como is a fascinating city, located on the southern end of the western branch of the lake, rich in history, art, monuments and enchanting corners.

Let’s go and discover the main ones together!

THE CATHEDRAL AND THE BROLETTO: The cathedral’s architecture is so majestic that it leaves you speechless. The construction in late Renaissance Gothic style dates back to 1396, the façade is embellished with magnificent sculptures and the interior is even more spectacular, full of frescoes and paintings on the walls and the imposing dome. Next to the Cathedral we find the Broletto, the original seat in the medieval age of the Municipality of Como. It was built near the ancient cathedral, in 1215 to symbolize the powerful bond between the civil authority of the Municipality and the Church. TOWER DOOR: also called Victory gate tower is a fortress dating back to 1192, built to protect the main entrance of the city. It is part of the city walls, still visible today in some of its parts and is further evidence of the skillful abilities of the masters of Como in stone working.
BASILICA OFSANT’ABBONDIO: A Romanesque church that stands in the heart of the walled city, flanked by an ancient convent, now the seat of the Faculty of Law of the University of Insubria.
BASILICA OF SAN FEDELE: Another Romanesque architecture of extraordinary beauty with a large bell tower and a pipe organ inside.
The EX HOME OF FASCIO: is a building located in Popolo Square, one of the most interesting buildings of Italian rationalism.
THE SOCIAL THEATER: born in the years of Verdi and Wagner (1813) the theater has undergone several renovations over the years becoming more and more spacious and beautiful. Many famous artists performed here, including Giuditta Pasta, Malibran and Tamagno. Today the theater is home to many activities: dance shows, concerts, operas and ballets. You can also take guided tours inside the theater.
Did you understand why Como is known and loved all over the world? It is a city on a human scale, where everything speaks of history, art and traditions.

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